Keeping it connected: What hoteliers need to know


“The top three things hoteliers need to know about connectivity,” a four-part series written by Esther Hertzfeld of HOTEL MANAGEMENT, features experts in the industry who share their top three things hotel owners and operators should know about hotel connectivity.

Rick Garlick, global travel and hospitality practice lead at J.D. Power associates said that hotel wi-fi is the new ‘hot water.’ “It doesn’t matter if everyone is on three devices — they still want great connectivity just as they want hot water,” he says in the article.

Trevor Dowsell, chief technology officer at Hotel Internet Services, suggests that hallway deployment of wi-fi access points doesn’t work well. He said, “Get as close to a guest’s device(s) as possible.”

Read the full article here, and also access Part 1, “Hotel guests: Strong Wi-Fi an essential offering,” Part 2, “Highly available networks boost guest Wi-Fi satisfaction,” and Part 3, “8 tips to keep your hotel guests secure on Wi-Fi, all from HOTEL MANAGEMENT.



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