AAHOA and “Hotel Management” partner to offer Hotel ROI Conference


ATLANTA, February 6, 2017 – The Asian American Hotel Owners Association (AAHOA) and Hotel Management have joined forces to create and produce a series of one-day conferences collectively known as Hotel ROI.

Offered exclusively to hotel-industry professionals, Hotel ROI will be held in seven U.S. cities in 2017. The conferences are designed to both share insights and spark discussion on issues critical to hotel ownership, investment, and development. Hotel ROI deviates from the traditional conference model of panel discussions and exhibit halls, instead creating an open and inclusive atmosphere that promotes lively, productive discussion.

Data provided at Hotel ROI is market specific to ensure that takeaways are fully relevant and immediately actionable.

“We are thrilled to partner with Hotel Management, one of the most widely read publications in hospitality, to offer Hotel ROI to AAHOA members,” said AAHOA President and CEO Chip Rogers. “Over the course of just one day, these conferences will provide high-level ideas and insights that are virtually guaranteed to make every attendee a more successful and effective hotelier.”

Hotel ROI launches in Houston on April 24, followed by Los Angeles (June 22), Chicago (Aug. 10), Baltimore (Aug. 24), Pittsburgh (Sep. 14), Atlanta (Sep. 27), and Charlotte (Oct. 11). For more information, please visit www.hotelroi.com.


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