Take a moment to celebrate National Travel and Tourism Week, May 7-13


by Brandon VerVelde

When hoteliers wake up every morning, there might be a lot of things driving them. For some, it might be their passion for the hospitality industry. For others, it’s their steadfast determination to provide for their families and to build something to pass to the next generation. Perhaps it’s their quest for personal achievement—striving to reach new heights in the business.

But let’s take a step back for a few minutes. AAHOA is collection of individuals, and it can be easy to overlook the industry’s collective contribution to America. So let’s break it down and take a moment to appreciate our spot in the U.S. economy that we together achieve.

The travel and tourism industry supports 15.3 million jobs, or more than 10 percent of the entire U.S. workforce. Nearly 2 million of those are hotel employees.

Whether you employ a half-dozen, several dozen or hundreds, your business contributes to that incredible statistic.

Domestic and international travelers to the U.S. spent almost $1 trillion directly in our industry in 2016. That’s almost 3 percent of the entire U.S. GDP. Travelers spent greater than $210 billion at hotels.

Whether your annual revenue is six, seven or eight figures, your business contributes to the bottom line of the entire country.

The industry generates $157 billion in federal, state and local taxes each year.

Between hotel occupancy taxes, payroll taxes, property taxes and every other tax you pay, your business and customers are funding the vital services of the government.

Regardless of what makes you get out of bed every morning—whether it’s your passion for serving guests or your determination to achieve your goals—take a step back to appreciate that your efforts have made travel and tourism great.

National Travel and Tourism Week is May 7-13 and is a project of The U.S. Travel Association, an organization that AAHOA works with frequently.

Access the U.S. Travel Answer Sheet, a PDF providing ‘facts about a leading American industry that’s more than just fun.’

Brandon VerVelde is AAHOA Director of Government Affairs Communication. He can be reached at [email protected].


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