4 ways to increase customer service with text


Text messaging is an easy, effective way to improve the guest experience.


When you want to create a great guest experience, it’s time to implement SMS into your hotel to provide high-quality customer service to your guests. Texting allows you to reach your guests easily, and your future success in the hospitality industry depends on your ability to build strong connections with your guests. Because text messages read more than 98 percent of the time, it is the easiest way to send a message to your hotel guests. Just about everyone carries a smartphone, and you will be able to reach your guests at all times, no matter where they are.


When you want to add a personal touch to your guest’s arrival, a quick text message to provide some basic hotel information is the answer. You can welcome your guests that sign up to receive text messages, and you can share information about hotel amenities at the same time. If you have specific benefits only available to your guests, share this information in a short text. You can use a text message to send a link for further information, or encourage guests to text back with any questions they might have.

You can also thank guests for staying at your resort once they check out through a text message. Once they are signed up to receive texts from you, a well-timed text message to offer a discount on future stays can improve retention rates.


Great customer service begins with letting your guests know you have received their reservation. Whether you are confirming their hotel reservation, or you are letting a guest know you have received their request for a dinner reservation, sending a text confirmation provides excellent customer service. Your guests will feel comfortable that their reservation has been received, and you will open up a line of communication via text messaging once the text has been sent.


When you have a busy resort full of activities for guests, it’s important to keep guests aware of what is going on. When you have the ability to text guests about events, a last minute event can be well publicized through a quick text message. Guests want to know that you care about their entertainment. When you provide mass text messages regarding fun activities at your resort, you are letting guests know that you care.


When you want to get guests excited about staying at your hotel, you can easily send exclusive discounts to your guests via text message. Whether you have a discount coupon to apply to your hotel restaurant, or your guests can purchase discount tickets to a nearby performance, in-stay deals are a great way to provide your guests with quality customer service. When you can provide your guests with activities that are fun or less expensive, they will feel appreciated by your hotel and more likely to return.

If you want to implement effective communication with guests at your hotel, SMS is the answer. You can reach guests immediately, and offer special discounts right away. If there is an emergency at your resort, you will be able to reach out to everyone staying at your hotel right away. Your hotel guests will appreciate the great customer service they receive when they receive text messages. Whether sending out a great deal or sharing information about local events, text messaging is a great way to communicate with your guests.

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