AAHOA Applauds Senate Confirmation of William Emanuel to Labor Board


WASHINGTON – Asian American Hotel Owners Association president and CEO Chip Rogers thanked the Senate for confirming today attorney William Emanuel to the National Labor Relations Board. Rogers released the following statement:

“We applaud and thank the Senate for confirming President Trump’s nominee to the National Labor Relations Board, William Emanuel, today. The NLRB needs a functioning majority that prioritizes common sense and faithful execution of the law, not an activist board that reinterprets the law to fit the wishes of special interests. We also look forward to a speedy confirmation process for Peter Robb as the board general counsel.”

Background: William Emanuel’s confirmation to the National Labor Relations Board gives the board a full complement of members at five. The president’s previous nominee, Marvin Kaplan, was confirmed in August. The president has nominated Peter Robb for a four-year term as the board’s general counsel to replace Richard Griffin.

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For more information, contact: Chirag Shah, 202-945-4950, chirag@aahoa.com.


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