AAHOA’s Fall National Advocacy Conference Slated for October 24 and 25


Hotel owners from across the country will stream into Washington, DC, October 24 and 25 as AAHOA holds the Fall National Advocacy Conference. Representing the association’s biannual fly-in to Washington, the event is the best way for hoteliers to connect with their federal elected officials, says AAHOA president and CEO Chip Rogers.

“Lawmakers right now are in talks about important issues that will greatly impact the hotel industry,” said Rogers. “FNAC is our opportunity to claim a seat at the table and speak to the lawmakers that personally represent us. Being face-to-face at FNAC is the best way for us to persuade lawmakers to support our agenda.”

AAHOA’s legislative priorities includes a bill that addresses the joint employer standard.

In 2015, the National Labor Relations Board, an unelected federal panel that oversees labor issues, expanded the legal standard for two entities to be considered a joint employer. The decision has grave impacts on the franchisor-franchisee relationship, according to AAHOA.

Brands might opt to exercise more control over the daily operations of a franchise, for example, something neither party wants. For a franchisee, it could mean a significant loss of independence to run the business as they see fit. Alternatively, a brand might only work with large, established franchisees and no longer work with new, small franchisees.

“AAHOA members have seen incredible success under the traditional standard,” said Rogers. “Under the new, expanded standard, however, government has inserted itself into the relationship between a brand and the franchisee and changed it for the worse. Since the decision, job growth in hotel franchises has fallen by 71 percent.”

The bill that would address the NLRB decision is titled the Save Local Business Act, and has a bipartisan list of sponsors in the House.

AAHOA’s legislative agenda also includes support for the ADA Education and Reform Act, a bipartisan bill to cut down on the abuse of the Americans with Disabilities via drive-by lawsuits. The bill would require lawsuits include information that is more specific and give business owners a time period to fix any alleged problems.

Tax reform is one of the biggest topic of discussion in Congress right now, and AAHOA’s agenda includes defending like-kind exchanges, a tax provision in Section 1031 of the tax code. Like-kind exchanges are used heavily in the hotel industry, as they allow a business owner to exchange a property for a new one of the same kind and of greater or equal value without it becoming a taxable event. That means an owner can invest even more money into the new property. It also leads to more turnover, bringing in new owners to buy the smaller properties, which keeps the industry young and vibrant.

Attendees will gather at the historic Willard InterContinental Hotel, just steps away from the White House and with the U.S. Capitol in sight a few blocks away.

There is still time to sign up and attend. For more information, click here: https://fallconference2017.streampoint.com/.


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