Hoteliers Advocacy Conference Paves the Way for Reform


WASHINGTON, D.C., Oct. 26—More than 200 hoteliers traveled to Washington, D.C., this week to
meet with their elected officials during the 2017 Fall National Advocacy Conference (FNAC), and share
their stories of job creation and barriers to economic growth.

The annual conference, hosted by the Asian American Hotel Owners Association (AAHOA), is an
opportunity for the association to build strong relationships and promote political and civic engagement
with lawmakers on issues facing the hospitality industry.

The meetings allow the association to more effectively represent the industry on Capitol Hill, and are a
critical part of AAHOA’s mission to attain legislative and regulatory successes on behalf of hoteliers

“The American economy is just beginning to emerge from a decade-long period of slow or no growth.
The efforts of the Trump administration to remove harmful regulations are working, but Congress must
step up and do their job,” said Chip Rogers, AAHOA president and CEO.

“Americans deserve to keep more of what they earn. Job creators will do what they do best if we can
overhaul the burdensome tax code and cut rates across the board. On tax reform, hoteliers are proud to
join with millions of hard-working Americans in urging Congress to pass tax cuts now.”

Rogers added that AAHOA members are also enduring an onslaught of predatory lawsuits seeking to
extort quick settlements under the guise of the ADA and a threat to the franchise business model under the NLRB-manufactured revised joint employer standard.

“Our members discussed solutions to these threats to the lodging industry and we are optimistic that
Congress will pass meaningful reforms soon,” he said.

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