AAHOA Applauds House Passage of the Save Local Business Act


WASHINGTON, Nov. 8—AAHOA President and CEO Chip Rogers applauded the passage today of
H.R. 3441, the Save Local Business Act.

H.R. 3441 clarifies the legal definition of the joint-employer standard under the Fair Labor Standards Act
and the National Labor Relations Act in response to a 2015 National Labor Relations Board (NLRB)
decision that ambiguously expanded the previous definition.

“Today’s passage of H.R. 3441 marks a monumental step forward in the fight to restore clarity for
America’s small business owners, including AAHOA’s 17,000 hoteliers,” Rogers said. “Since the
NLRB’s 2015 joint-employer decision, AAHOA members have written thousands of letters and held
hundreds of meetings with their elected officials, urging swift action to reinstate the long-standing,
unambiguous, joint-employer definition.”

“Prevalent uncertainty has run rampant throughout the franchising and hospitality industries since the
2015 ruling, and is a detriment to local job creators, local jobs and local economies in every single
congressional district. If enacted, H.R. 3441 would restore the commonsense definition of joint employer,
a move that would allow AAHOA members to focus on expanding their businesses and creating new

On behalf of AAHOA, I commend the leadership of Chairwoman Foxx, Congressman Byrne, and the
bipartisan group of lawmakers whose vote today signaled commitment to protect and defend local
businesses and the American dream. We strongly support immediate action by the Senate in moving
companion legislation with urgency, and look forward to working with Senate leaders to that end.”

For more information, contact Chirag Shah, 202-945-4953 – [email protected]


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