AAHOA Responds to Save Local Business Act Markup


WASHINGTON, Oct. 4—Chip Rogers, president and CEO of the Asian American Hotel Owners
Association (AAHOA), released the following statement today regarding the House Committee on
Education and Workforce markup of H.R.3441, the Save Local Business Act:

The committee passage of this bipartisan bill is an important step forward in the fight to restore clarity for
small business owners and entrepreneurs nationwide. The National Labor Relation Board’s misguided
decision to expand the definition of joint employer in 2015 created a climate of instability and uncertainty
throughout the franchising and hospitality industry. For AAHOA members, reinstating a clear definition
of the joint employer standard is vital. Should HR3441 become law, AAHOA’s small business owners
can refocus on creating jobs and spurring economic development throughout the country. We thank
Chairwoman Virginia Foxx and the other members of the House Education and Workforce Committee for
their leadership and look forward to working alongside congressional leaders from both sides of the aisle
to save local business.

For more information, contact Chirag Shah, 202-945-4953 – [email protected]


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