How to make your hotel an entertainment hub and generate more revenue


by Adam jenkins

Hotels are bustling and vibrant places, where people from all over gather together to spend their time. But, the hotel industry is growing increasingly competitive. That’s why it’s important to make the most of every revenue stream.

The rise of vacation rental sites has had an undeniable effect on the hospitality sector. The wants and desires of a guest nowadays have shifted towards a more personalized and homely experience. It is up to hotels to provide these types of offerings for their guests in order to stay competitive.

One thing that hotels should strive to provide is a physical community. In a society that increasingly relies on interaction through a device, there’s a lot to be said for bringing people together. By creating an entertainment hub in your hotel, you draw in your guests to share the same experience – and give them one they can share online!

Creating an exciting entertainment hub within your hotel is one way to create that sense of community amongst hotel guests and, in return, generate more revenue:

Offer an experience

People are constantly searching for a unique and fun-filled experience when they travel to new places. Make the most of the shared space within a hotel property which will offer, and create, an immersive experience that can be enjoyed by everyone.

If your hotel has a large space, make a decision about what you want to do with it, then commit to it. Do you want a relaxed gig space? A 1920s cocktail bar? An upbeat dance floor area with an in-house DJ? The same can be said for smaller, more boutique-style hotels. Try offering an intimate, family-feel space with some evening entertainment. Or maybe you’ve got a fantastic conference space that isn’t often in use? If that’s the case, try hosting events in these empty rooms to get people together and maximize on the available space.

Regardless of what the end goal is, be sure to decide upon one thing that is going to work for your hotel property and the area it is located in. This will not only serve your guests, but draw people from the local area in to spend an evening at your establishment.

The cultural centrepiece

With so many individuals traveling nowadays, it is not just experiences young travelers are seeking. For many, cultural exposure drives the destination. Position your hotel within the culture of its area and this will make it not only a place to spend a night, but a real attraction of its own.

Cultural entertainment can take many forms. For example, imagine turning the corridors of one floor into a popup art gallery, featuring artists born and raised in the local area. Many hotel owners will find it beneficial to tap into the local community and host events that complement local expertise and flavor. Guests often jump at the chance to learn a little more about the part of the world they’re in, and many hotel properties can make this easily accessible for guests.

Go for games

One easy strategy in creating an entertainment hub in your hotel is to provide the means for your guests to entertain themselves. Playing games, in any format, is a guaranteed way for people to relax and have fun. Consider dedicating a space in your hotel where guests can go to have a laugh and play games.

A hotel bar is the perfect opportunity for this. Upselling in your hotel bar keeps your guests in the bar through the use of entertainment. Make available a selection of classic board games, fruit machines, or even a quiz machine. Fill the space with clusters of tables and chairs, maybe have a small bar area in the corner, and give your guests the freedom to choose how they want to spend their time at your hotel.

There are a number of ways that hotels can go about creating an entertainment hub for guests. By making your hotel a desirable place to spend time, hotel owners will generate more revenue and continue to compete within what has become a fiercely competitive industry.

Position your hotel property so that one of the main selling points is the sense of community and the opportunity to share time with the people you are with. This will attract guests and generate revenue by providing entertainment that everyone will enjoy.


The article was produced by Adam Jenkins, director at TVC Leisure, leading supplier of gaming and amusement machines in the South East of England.


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