Leveraging the power of a hotel’s CRS to improve direct bookings


By Mark Lewis-Brown
August 20, 2018

Direct bookings are the “Holy Grail” for every single hotelier around the globe. Often elusive, direct bookings have a significant impact on a property’s financial performance but leave hoteliers waging an uphill battle to profitability every single day, no matter the season, the type of hotel, or its location. To ensure success in a marketplace, hotels must think outside-of-the-box in regards to revenue management strategies to make properties stand out from the competition—especially online. Unfortunately, most hoteliers continue to follow the old-school playbook every day, every month, and every year, hoping for a different result.

Automation—using technology that a hotel may already have—can help boost a property’s bottom line. Hotels can leverage the power of central reservation systems (CRS) to improve direct booking conversion rates and boost RevPAR.

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