AAHOA announces association health plan in partnership with National Restaurant Association


WASHINGTON, DC, Oct. 9 – Today, the Asian American Hotel Owners Association (AAHOA) announced a strategic partnership with the National Restaurant Association that will see AAHOA’s 18,000 members and the over 600,000 hotel workers they employ eligible to purchase health care solutions through the Restaurant & Hospitality Association Benefit (RHA) Trust. The RHA Trust, which is insured and serviced by UnitedHealthcare, offers an innovative approach to meeting small businesses’ health care needs.

AAHOA President and CEO Chip Rogers said, “Whether they’re at the front desk or in the back of the house, hotel employees are the industry’s greatest asset. With good-paying jobs and straightforward opportunities for professional development, careers in the hotel industry are incredibly rewarding. That’s why we’re proud to announce AAHOA’s participation in an association health plan that will enable hotel owners to access more affordable health care solutions and create stronger benefit packages for their employees.”

The RHA Trust is an association health plan rolled out earlier this year by the National Restaurant Association. The RHA Trust is a health benefits solution that focuses on businesses with 2-99 insurance-eligible employees. Smaller companies can access some of the same advantages afforded to larger employers when it comes to purchasing health benefits because the structure of the RHA Trust improves the economy of scale. With over 120 benefit plan designs for employers to access, they have greater flexibility to find a plan that fits their needs. AAHOA members and their employees will also receive free pharmacy discount cards which can help
cardholders save up to 75 percent on FDA-approved prescription drugs. The RHA Trust complies with Affordable Care Act (ACA) requirements and streamlines the administrative side of obtaining health care benefits.

“With wages rising and unemployment at 3.7 percent, AAHOA’s partnership with the National
Restaurant Association will allow members to offer an array of flexible and competitively priced
health care options tailored to their specific needs, providing a key benefit to help hoteliers
recruit and retain good workers. Simply put, for AAHOA’s members and their employees, this
new arrangement means more choices, more access, more coverage, and more savings,” said


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