Marriott Stanton South Beach helps empower artists with disabilities


The hospitality industry continues to make a difference in local communities. The Marriott Stanton South Beach announced a partnership with Creativity Explored, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting people with developmental disabilities in their quest to become working artists.

The resort and San Francisco-based organization plan to create a not-for-profit art exhibition in an effort to support and bring awareness to the contributors of female artists with developmental disabilities. The exhibit, “Six Women: Female Voices of Creativity Explored,” will be available for public viewing at the hotel from November 30 through December 9, 2018.

Linda Johnson, the executive director of Creativity Explored commented:

“Creativity Explored is honored to partner with Marriott Stanton South Beach to connect the vibrant arts community of South Beach, Miami to artists in our program. We’re proud to bring a slice of San Francisco culture to Miami during Art Basel with a groundbreaking exhibition showcasing the accomplished artwork of diverse women with developmental disabilities working in our studios. The collection is a vibrant example of the important contributions of our artists to the wider arts community that is sure to delight the hotel’s art-savvy visitors.”

With empowerment being one of the biggest goals of the program, Marriott Stanton continues to make a difference through the Marriott’s Serve360 initiative.

The general manager at Marriott Stanton stated:

“Our goal with this collaboration is to show our support for these accomplished artists and their dynamic and thought-provoking work. We are ecstatic to not just give back to this organization, but to promote their important contribution to the contemporary art within our community.”


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