America’s hoteliers call on senate to consider first step act


ATLANTA, Ga, Dec. 7 – AAHOA President and CEO Chip Rogers issued the following
statement about the First Step Act of 2018 (S.3649), proposed legislation that would initiate
significant reforms to the federal criminal justice system:

“There are few things in life more rewarding than an honest day’s work. A job can give an
individual direction, purpose, and satisfaction. Employment is one of the keys to becoming a
contributing member of society.

“When we consider our society and our criminal justice system, both should share an objective to
help inmates reenter our communities successfully after their release. A good job, training
opportunities, and recidivism reduction programs are key to helping these returned citizens stay
on the right path after paying their debt to society. That’s why America’s hoteliers are optimistic
about the First Step Act of 2018 and encourage the Senate to consider this important legislation.
This legislation contains important reforms that will help improve the lives of former federal
inmates by making it easier for them to find the right job and secure employment upon their
release. AAHOA is pleased to see this bipartisan legislation gaining traction. In helping returned
citizens find gainful employment and become contributing members of society, we will
strengthen our workforce, our communities, and our nation.”


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