AAHOA statement on the partial government shutdown


ATLANTA, Ga, Dec. 22 – AAHOA President and CEO Chip Rogers issued the following
statement regarding the partial government shutdown:

“Last night, the White House and Congressional leaders failed to reach consensus on a
government funding bill. Because of this impasse, several federal agencies will shut down until
an agreement is reached. The holidays are a time of unity and celebration, and it is disappointing
that decisionmakers in Washington are struggling to come together to conduct even the most
routine business of governance.

“Fortunately, previous funding measures ensure that government agencies vital to our industry
will continue to operate without significant interruption. In what AAA predicts to be one of the
busiest travel seasons on record, the FAA, TSB, and CBP will continue to assist travelers on
their way to their destinations for the holidays. For AAHOA members who own properties
around national parks, and who typically feel the effects of a shutdown immediately, most of the
National Parks Service will remain open, although visitor centers and administrative offices may
be closed.

“AAHOA supports a quick resolution to this situation, and our team in Washington will continue
to monitor these developments closely.”


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