Cheaper and faster can be better


Hitesh (HP) Patel
AAHOA Chairman (2018-2019)

Modular design is the newest trend in large construction projects, being used in everything from smaller home builds to large developments such as apartment complexes and hotel properties. The method offers an innovative and unconventional alternative to traditional property development. Instead of doing on-site construction from the bottom up, the elements of the building are constructed at another location and when completed, are assembled at the property site. Hoteliers who have undergone a modular design project have credited this process as timelier and less expensive than typical construction.

Rest assured that quicker and cheaper do not always mean that quality of materials and trustworthy craftsmanship are sacrificed. Choosing modular design over a conventional build can even boost the quality of the constructed building, even if the cost is much lower. The materials used in a modular build are typically streamlined, which means high-quality product that doesn’t vary from project to project is being used.

The smaller price tag that comes with modular design is partially due to the shorter turnaround time. Overall costs are significantly decreased because of how quickly and easily the modules can come together. Since these parts are usually designed and built in a factory, workers and designers have resources, tools, and materials at the ready without having to transport them back and forth to the work site. Unlike traditional construction projects that suffer from weather delays that push back the completion date and hike costs, the factory setting also dramatically reduces the chance for these delays to happen, if not eliminate them completely. Hoteliers can rest easy knowing their projects are going to be finished in a timely manner and within budget.

The benefits of modular design are not limited to the ease of construction or potential savings. Some choose modular for its contemporary look, especially hoteliers who want to set their properties apart from local competitors. Hotels are constantly adopting new design trends to appeal to guests who are looking for unique accommodation experiences, and modular hotels are a great way to make this possible. The design is known for having sharp, clean lines and geometrically pleasing architectural elements that stand out from the typical hotel.

The benefits of doing a modular build are many, hoteliers can save money, while developing a property that shines in aesthetics and style. Most importantly the results are overwhelmingly consistent across the board, the quality of construction is second to none, costs are lower, and the modern architectural features stand out from the crowd. When the next opportunity to start on a new property comes around, look into modular design and consider whether it could be the right move for you.


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