IHIF Day 2: CEOs tackle labor, sharing economy


Source: Hotel Management
By Elliot Mest
March 5, 2019

“Adapting to Survive and Thrive” was a topic tackled by five industry CEOs on day two of the International Hotel Investment Forum (IHIF), who formed a consensus that the hotel industry still has legs as long as it’s willing to keep on walking.

Keith Barr, CEO/IHG, said the biggest issue facing the industry is not Airbnb or the threat of OTAs, but the need for new talent and a growing distrust of migrants and immigration globally. According to Barr, governments around the world continue to under-appreciate the impact of the tourism sector on the economy, particularly because hospitality is constantly creating jobs. And because so many of these jobs are entry-level, Barr added it is important to foster domestic talent to grow destinations from the inside out while maintaining strong relationships across borders.

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