What is your hotel room’s ‘best before’ date?


Source: Hotel Management
By Mark Lewis-Brown, Vertical Booking USA
June 6, 2019

‘Best before’ dates are a really common concept, often seen on business-to-consumer products; some products have ‘best before’ dates that are 10 years after the product release date, while others (like milk, cheese and bread) have exceptionally short lifespans—sometimes as short as a week.

Strangely enough is that one highly perishable consumer product is almost never considered to have a ‘best before’ date: the hotel room. Here’s why I say that hotel rooms have a ‘best before’ date: an empty room is an expired one, after which the empty room becomes a liability, not an asset.

Think about it—like milk, a hotel room is a perishable product; unfortunately for hoteliers, hotel rooms expire daily at 11:59 p.m.–making hotel rooms’ shelf-life much shorter than the loaf of bread slowly growing blue mold on your counter.

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