America’s Hotel Owners Prepare for 2020 State Legislative Sessions


ATLANTA, Ga., Jan. 15 –America’s hoteliers are ready to engage with their elected officials as state lawmakers convene for the 2020 legislative sessions in capitals across the nation. Topics including tourism funding, advancing a level playing field with short-term rentals, occupancy taxes, and labor relations are expected to dominate conversations in multiple states.

“America’s hotel owners are ready to work with their lawmakers as they create sound public policy that promotes continued economic growth,” said AAHOA President and CEO Cecil Staton. “When hoteliers engage in the legislative process, they can expect better outcomes. Our lawmakers are experts on many things, but no lawmaker is an expert on everything. That is why they rely on our members’ input to understand what laws and regulations will help or hurt small businesses and employees in their communities. Entrepreneurs such as hotel owners are in the business of spurring development and creating jobs and are uniquely qualified to help elected officials avoid bad policy ideas,” he concluded.

AAHOA is coordinating state legislative events with state lodging association partners across the country to create opportunities for members to connect with lawmakers throughout the year.

“AAHOA members have great stories to tell about what it takes to build and maintain a successful business,” said AAHOA Chairwoman Jagruti Panwala. “From meeting face-to-face with lawmakers in the state capitol to hosting them for a back of the house tour at their hotel, there are numerous ways for hoteliers to help their elected officials understand the lodging industry. Advocacy can be insurance against bad laws, and no one can do a better job at explaining how public policy impacts small businesses than the owners,” concluded Panwala.

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