Unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures


Cecil P. Staton
AAHOA President & CEO

In recent weeks, we have all witnessed the unfathomable effects of the novel coronavirus. Domestic travel has almost ground to a halt. People are quarantining themselves in their homes. Many businesses are closing. The U.S. must confront the constantly changing environment in the face of COVID-19. This crisis touches every community across the country.

Lawmakers on Capitol Hill and in state capitals across the country are rushing to address the economic downturn brought about by COVID-19. As governors, congressmen, and state legislators convene to draft concise, timely legislation, AAHOA is working overtime to ensure that America’s hoteliers are represented in every law, executive decision, and relief package. Many of our members are taking on active roles to this end – our entire association is setting a record for political engagement. We’ve never seen so many letters, emails, tweets, and phone calls from AAHOA Members as you relay your concerns to elected officials across the country.

Most lawmakers aren’t hotel owners, and many do not know what it takes to run a small business. Sharing stories with these legislators creates a level of understanding that otherwise might not be possible. It gives them real people to think about rather than just statistics on a sheet of paper. When we add real people and real issues into the decision-making process, we are one step closer to guiding meaningful, targeted solutions.

Declines in occupancy rates, RevPAR, and ADR are creating a looming liquidity crisis for our industry. When you make your voice heard and share your story about how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting your employees and your business, it can make a real difference in how politicians react to this crisis.

AAHOA is here for you and will continue to be here helping America’s hoteliers weather the storm brought about by COVID-19. Our industry will come out on the other side, and AAHOA is working hard to ensure that your business makes it through as well. We are all in this together.


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