AAHOA’s greatest resource is its members


These are challenging times for us all. We are doing whatever it takes to adapt to the reality of our country’s situation. Fortunately, our association entered into these times from a position of strength, and our membership numbers are at an all-time high. Many of our AAHOA Members are undergoing similar experiences as a result of the pandemic. I hope you can all find some time to confide in and comfort one another, and reach out to our staff if you are seeking advice or solutions to problems that your business is facing.
The AAHOA team is working tirelessly to assure that your needs are met, and your questions are answered. Despite the efforts of the federal and state governments, there will inevitably be moments of frustration and a lag in response to the challenges presented by COVID-19. You are not alone as our industry faces this crisis together. Please continue to reach out to us so that we can overcome these challenges together.
At a time like this, it is vital that our industry remain united to promote small business owners’ needs to the administration, Congress, and state governments. AAHOA is engaging with state lodging associations, brands, and industry partners to advocate for America’s hotel owners. Our daily COVID-19 updates and curated resource center, available at www.aahoa.com/COVID-19, are the best avenues to find the most up to date and relevant information for hotel owners.
As the situation surrounding COVID-19 changes every day, we will do everything in our power to evolve and adapt to these unprecedented circumstances. We are fully committed to ensuring that AAHOA continues to meet your needs and address your concerns.
We will pull through this pandemic together by supporting each other and maintaining the values that make our association great. As you balance the concerns of keeping your loved ones safe while managing your business, just remember that AAHOA and our network of hotel owners across the country are here for you.


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