AAHOA Statement on Discrimination and Injustice


Cultures across the globe recognize hospitality as a virtue, a sign of respect, kindness, peace, or protection. AAHOA thrives on the spirit of hospitality to all. It is who we are and why we exist. We were founded on a commitment to equal opportunity, acceptance, diversity, and the pursuit of the American Dream. AAHOA, its board, members, staff, and partners stand with those who also champion these values and are working to make them a reality for communities across our country. Far too many of our fellow Americans continue to face discrimination and injustice. Our nation cannot reach our true potential unless everyone has the opportunity to pursue their dreams free from the obstacles of intolerance and oppression. During these difficult days, when serious reflection is required, some sow further discord through rioting, damage to property, and even additional loss of life. In the days to come, let us hope that all Americans can have a civil discussion that leads to real progress on an issue of enormous importance to all Americans and to the very fabric of our society. As Gandhi taught, “nothing enduring can be built on violence.”

Read the full press release here.


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