HB Exclusive: Industry Leaders Strike Optimistic Tone IN ‘View from the C-Suite’


Source: Hotel Business
May 27, 2020

Scott LePage, president, Americas, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, echoed the other panelists’ sentiment of confidence. “I think our role in the recovery is to remain confident in our industry,” he said. “We’ve kept more than 90% of our hotels open throughout the challenge. We’ve done it with good business and good processes. That’s really been what I think the industry has done a nice job of overall: coming together, making decisive actions even in the midst of some doubts that’s out there about what’s going on, but remaining confident in our business overall.”

When asked about what the government’s role should be in helping the hospitality industry recover, he hopes it has the confidence to let the industry move things forward itself. “The government plays a key role in having the confidence in the hospitality organizations that are out there, in giving us the ability to run our hotels, to come up with the right processes and procedures, to work together with AHLA, AAHOA and the other professional organizations to figure out the path forward and let us design and architect the recovery for our industry,” he said. “I do feel like they’ve done a good job stepping in, helping out from a business perspective. A lot of our owners are small businesses and so PPP loans, IDA loans have come at the right time. We’ve heard some really good stories of owners who said, ‘I didn’t know where to turn. And when that money came in, it gave me the ability to get through the most challenging parts of this.’”

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