AAHOA remains resilient


Cecil P. Staton
AAHOA President & CEO

Throughout our history, AAHOA has risen with purpose to meet the challenges of our time. AAHOA leadership acts decisively in the face of adversity to advance the interests of America’s hotel owners. Today, and for months to come, our association must address the recovery process as our nation moves towards reopening.
We confront difficult questions about what travel will look like in the U.S. We go about our business amid concerns of safety of loved ones and the communities we serve. In light of constant revelations and shifting guidelines, we are readjusting and refining our operations to meet the standards that must be adopted to assure safety for everyone that our industry serves. Again, AAHOA is called upon to confront the challenges of our times.

This recovery process begins where AAHOA began – resolute, unifying action in response to extraordinary circumstances. Fortunately, our members are the pure embodiment of the entrepreneurial spirit and American dream. Their brilliance and professional commitment have elevated our industry to soaring heights once before, and I am confident that these traits will propel us forward once again.

AAHOA has demonstrated resilience before, and we are strong enough to innovate and adapt to what might come next. Our circumstances call for bold action and a unified front. AAHOA Members have already lent immense time and expertise to guide legislative and industry initiatives to prepare for the future, and with this ongoing effort, we can push forward with confidence and strength. Our country and our industry call out for a path forward, and AAHOA can renew our commitment to excellence and wellbeing of our members and our communities.

The road to recovery is subject to twists and turns – local conditions and laws, medical advancements, and other variables will affect the way our industry operates for months to come. But regardless of future circumstances, AAHOA will emerge from on the other side of the pandemic. I thank Jagruti Panwala for her extraordinary service to AAHOA, and I welcome Biran Patel to his role as AAHOA Chairman. At AAHOA we are stronger together. Our community is resilient, adaptable, and committed to excellence.


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