AAHOA is proud to support America’s hotel owners – from the onset of COVID-19 throughout recovery and reopening


“AAdvantage Laundry Systems is proud to be a member of AAHOA. Our membership has given us the opportunity to learn from the best in the industry. Attending town hall meetings and trade shows have been an invaluable resource to being involved with the leaders in this community.”
“I want you to know that we appreciate you for all that you do for us, updating and keeping the hospitality community informed. May GOD Richly Bless You For Your Hard Work And Dedication.”
“I really appreciate that AAHOA is bringing industry leaders who are providing feedback in dealing with these matters and can speak to their experiences. Their candid and straightforward responses are what is needed in these times of unknown. AAHOA is one of very few trusted sources for me. I applaud you all for stepping up your initiatives to help us in these times.”
“First of all, many thanks for the abundance of incredibly helpful resources AAHOA has provided to the community with relation to the COVID-19 pandemic. You have been a guiding light through this whole situation, and we are grateful.”
“I am so glad to know the AAHOA team is there for their members in their time of need. I am an AAHOA Lifetime Member for a very long time and proud of my association.”
“The AAHOA staff and leadership are doing an amazing job for all hoteliers. This association exists for times precisely like the current crisis we’re in and each of you from the top down is making a positive difference for so many of us that are struggling.”
“First of all, I would like to thank you and the whole AAHOA team for tirelessly working for the best interest of the hotel industry during this ongoing pandemic. Webinars hosted by AAHOA are also really helpful to ensure that we properly understand various important issues like Paycheck Protection Plan, EIDL, etc.”
“Thank you for going above and beyond in these challenging times. I believe the collaborative spirit will see all of us through. Please thank the AAHOA decision-makers on my behalf for allowing all industry members access to information. That is a big deal and should be acknowledged.”
“My hat’s off to AAHOA and their leadership for educating all of us again and again on PPP loan application and the process… AAHOA was there from day one. Thank you, AAHOA.”
“You guys are doing a phenomenal job in communicating and updating members in this difficult climate. I want to thank everyone at AAHOA.”
“It means so much to have AAHOA standing by our side. It changes lives. A sincere thank you.”
I believe that it takes strong leadership and teamwork to overcome the toughest challenges during dire circumstances. What you have illustrated in the last few days and are committed to do so in the foreseeable future is absolutely astounding! With much gratitude and appreciation for you.”
“I wanted to say AAHOA is doing an excellent job with all the content and help through all of this. Keep up the great work.”
“AAHOA is doing great work and I must tell you, this is a great comfort for hotel owners. With kind regards.”
Hotels are running single-digit occupancy, but we are healthy and doing well. Keeping positive knowing this, too, will pass. Also, I wanted to say AAHOA is doing an excellent job with all the content and help through all of this. Keep up the great work and looking forward to normalcy where we can have another face-to-face meeting soon.”
“This was very helpful. In these difficult times, I cannot express how grateful our company is to the team at AAHOA and the experts they bring in.”
“AAHOA is doing a formidable job on the Covid-19 coverage, resources, and support for hotel owners. I wanted to express my gratitude for all the value that you are providing.”
“First, I want to say that on the main front, AAHOA is doing an outstanding job. All the hard work may seem that it goes unnoticed, but rest assured, we see. You have helped the Valley in many ways.”


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