Fashioning AAHOA’s future


Biran Patel
AAHOA Chairman (2020-2021)

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, AAHOA has been reimagining how we serve our members and establishing new ways to bring value to hoteliers during these difficult times. The effects of this crisis will continue to impact our industry for years. Current estimates put recovery in late 2022 and early 2023. Because hotels are a signal industry, we will likely be among the last to recover. But we will not sit idle and simply weather the storm. Rather, AAHOA will employ all means at our disposal to ensure that our association remains resilient and adaptable as the hospitality industry recovers.

Over the Past several months, AAHOA effectively transitioned our operations and events to online platforms. Following the guidance of public health experts, local town halls, regional events, and other in-person functions temporarily moved to virtual spaces so that our AAHOA Members could continue to receive the benefits of our association in a safe manner. We also focused intensely on the implementation of the 2020 AAHOA Convention & Trade Show. Amid such uncertainty, it became an unrealistic option to host AAHOACON20 in Orlando. As with conventions in years past, this year’s exceptional event will still bring an immeasurable amount of value to America’s hoteliers, perhaps even more than what one might expect from a virtual event.

AAHOA has been called upon to lead our industry and deliver the resources, advocacy, and engagement that America’s hoteliers need in such times. Some of what AAHOA has done is new for the association and our members, but our operations will change back when a degree of normality returns. Rest assured AAHOA maintains the utmost attention to our association’s purpose: providing valuable services, representation, and sense of community to our members.

I know that times are hard, and it is unfortunate that we are unable to rally together in-person for the 2020 AAHOA Convention & Trade Show. Now that we are hosting in a virtual space, I hope that each and every member of our association will join us in August. The AAHOACON20 agenda features great speakers, networking opportunities, vendor deals, and most importantly, the AAHOA elections. There is going to be something for everyone, and I encourage you to register and join your fellow hoteliers as we prepare for what lies ahead.


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