AAHOA, Proctor and Gable Launch New Training in Hotel Sanitization


Source: Green Lodging News
By Proctor and Gamble

August 5, 2020

ATLANTA—AAHOA, the nation’s largest hotel owners association, in partnership with P&G Professional, is pleased to announce the launch of a free new training in hotel sanitization and cleanliness. The online training is designed to help hotel owners and employees follow Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommendations to mitigate virus transmission.

“As our industry progresses on the road to recovery, it is imperative that hotels offer guests clean, safe accommodations so they feel confident as they resume travel,” said AAHOA President & CEO Cecil Staton. “We are grateful to partner with P&G Professional to offer hotel owners and hospitality professionals the Training in Hotel Sanitization and Cleanliness. It will help hotels offer guests the safety and satisfaction they expect.”

The training, available now at www.aahoa.com/CleaningCert, takes less than thirty minutes to complete.

“We have seen AAHOA’s industry leading priority towards cleanliness and guest reassurance over the duration of our long-standing partnership,” said Jeff Calderon, Director, P&G Professional North America. “We’re excited to partner for this training in hotel sanitization and cleanliness to continue to drive best practices across the thousands of hoteliers who are serving and delighting guests across the country.”

“We all must do our part to support the hospitality industry’s recovery,” said AAHOA Chairman Biran Patel. “This training is open for everyone to take and will help provide clarity for how hotel owners and their employees can best sanitize rooms and provide guests with a safe and comfortable guest experience.

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