Committed to engagement


Cecil P. Staton
AAHOA President & CEO

This has been and will continue to be a long, twisting road to recovery in many respects. But in just as many ways it has been inspiring and a testament to the resilience of our association. I have been inspired by our dedicated AAHOA Member volunteers and staff, especially those members who lend their support through these complicated times, in successfully confronting the numerous trials of the pandemic. As the voice of America’s hoteliers, we are delivering advocacy, resources, and guidance not only to AAHOA Members but to the entire hospitality industry.

On the advocacy front, AAHOA has leveraged the national presence and industry insight of our strong membership to lawmakers in Washington, D.C. and state capitals across the country. Our aim is to incorporate unique perspectives and work constructively alongside politicians, both at the state and federal level, to inform impactful public policy that will help our industry recover. AAHOA provides a bridge between small business owners and political decision makers. This is a pillar of our association and will remain a driving force within our strategic plan.

Since the passage of the CARES Act back in March, Congress has been locked in a months-long negotiation stalemate to the detriment of millions of American workers and the health of our economy. Despite this impasse on a second round of COVID-19 relief, our political engagement will not relent. As champions of small business, our goals transcend the infighting that enshrouds the contentions of election year politics. The strength of advocacy efforts hinges upon member engagement. Our AAHOA Members have long demonstrated a spirit of commitment and resolve that allows us to pursue meaningful impact in the legislative process, and that same commitment will be critical in the months to come.

This continuous commitment to our advocacy is reflected in a number of grassroots metrics as well as our internal production of webinars, virtual events, and convention. Coupled with our engagement efforts, our growing library of COVID-19 “Back to Business” webcasts are tapping into the breadth of resources allowed by and available to our members. Free to any hotelier, our collection of resources offers leading insight, guidance, and forecasts for the hospitality industry.

Many small businesses have had to confront new standards of operations and uncertainty these past months. I am impressed and thankful for how, as an association and as a community, we have risen to the challenge of the pandemic, and I am confident that we will continue to uplift our industry in the months ahead.


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