Staying connected



Masks and gloves became fashion staples. Staying a minimum of six feet apart became the new normal. And we had to find new ways to connect. Zoom calls replaced in-person business meetings. Virtual happy hours replaced going out on Friday night.n March 2020, millions of Americans were sent home from work. Some were fortunate enough to be able to work from home. Others didn’t – and still don’t – have that luxury. Cut off from coworkers, friends, and even family, isolation began to take a toll on everyone.

Throughout all of this, though, there has been hope. Nurses, doctors, and emergency workers were put in the toughest position. They worked around the clock, exposing themselves to this virus with limited resources and were not even able to get a hug from loved ones. AAHOA Members across the nation have banded together to donate masks, hand sanitizer, PPE, and other resources to our front-line workers. You’ve opened your doors to these personnel so they don’t risk taking the virus home to loved ones.

The effects on the hospitality industry have been particularly devastating. As we continue to deal with the fallout from COVID-19, news of a vaccine has left some hopeful after a year of isolation and, yes, desperation.

AAHOA also has been working around the clock to help you during this trying time. The dedicated COVID-19 resource center gives hoteliers access to more than 200 webcasts, health resources, and regular updates on AAHOA’s advocacy efforts.

Communication has become more crucial now than ever before. At Today’s Hotelier, we completely revamped the editorial plan in 2020 to ensure we provided you with the most important information about the industry.

We will continue this into 2021. Our editorial calendar is full of recovery resources from AAHOA and will be packed with actionable insights to help you manage through this pandemic. You also can expect to see more of Today’s Hotelier on social media. We’re expanding to Facebook and Instagram to share vital information and connect with you. We are eternally grateful to our advertisers and contributors who make all of this happen.

Whether virtually or in person, you will see Today’s Hotelier at AAHOACON21 in Dallas, TX, and other events throughout the year. Though we are separated, we are still connected. See you soon.


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