Source: India West
By Arul Louis/Ians
January 22, 2021

UNITED NATIONS – India has the world’s largest diaspora with about 18 million people born there now living abroad, according to John Wilmoth, director of the UN’s Population Division at the Department of Economic and Social Affairs.

Presenting the International Migration Report 2020 Jan. 15, he said that the U.S. was the top host country for migrants with 51 million of them, or 18 percent of the world’s total, living there.

The report said that between 2000 and 2020, the size of the migrant population abroad grew for nearly all countries and areas of the world with India experiencing the largest gain of nearly 10 million during that period, going from the third place in 2000 for the number of migrants to the first spot in 2020.

The report takes a broad view of migrants, including also students and those going abroad for family reunions in the definition.

Indians also dominate the hospitality industry. One in two American hotels are owned by members of the Asian American Hotel Owners Association representing Indians in this sector and which has over 19,500 members.

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