Driving innovation for the independent hotelier


AAHOA CHAIRMAN (2020-2021)

As the voice of America’s hoteliers, AAHOA’s obligations are to the small business owners devoting their energy and passion to the entrepreneurial pursuit. We produce sought after educational content, host industry-wide events, offer networking opportunities, and are always attuned to our enduring values of innovation and member service. In practice, these values propel our association and require that we, a spirited community of hoteliers and our industry partners, lift each other up.

Our industry will soon cross the one-year mark of operating during the COVID-19 pandemic. We strive to do right by all of our members, even under these difficult circumstances. Owning and operating a hotel, whether franchised or independent, comes with a unique set of benefits and drawbacks. The devastating impact of the ongoing pandemic has certainly complicated both approaches to managing a small business. Comprising of more than one third of all hotels in the country, independent properties are the cornerstone of our industry and beacons of resilience and self-sufficiency in this time of crisis. For our independent hoteliers, I want you to know that AAHOA has your back. The AAHOA COVID-19 Resource Center was designed to help hotel owners stay economically viable over the past year, offering tailored support to independently owned and operated properties. From exclusive vendor deals to government relations, AAHOA provides the independent owner with the resources and benefits otherwise exclusive to a national brand.

And as vaccines rollout and travel returns, we are working to get our members on track to a post-COVID-19 transition. Under the Biden-Harris administration, the regulatory and legal landscape has already undergone substantial changes. When running a small business, staying informed on the whirlwind of state and federal developments while keeping the doors open poses additional burdens. That is why we are advocating and innovating on behalf of the hotelier. AAHOA continues to represent our members’ interests in the legislative process while procuring industry best practices for the independent hotelier. For help on how to navigate federal relief programs, comply with state and local regulations, or market a clean, safe lodging experience, look no further than our evolving resource center and virtual event series.


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