AAHOA’s commitment to franchise relations is tireless



A recent STR U.S. Market Recovery Monitor report noted that RevPAR had risen to, at that time, $65.34. This represented a 4.2% increase week over week and the industry’s highest level of the past 56 weeks when indexed to 2019. RevPAR mostly increased week over week so far this year. The report also showed RevPAR performance with 73 markets either in the Recovery or Peak categories.

So everything is OK and back to normal, right? Not exactly.

Though the report marks an upward trend, which is great news, there are still many challenges to overcome. And thanks to recent feedback from many AAHOA Members . There are many questions, including:

  • What will the hotel business model look like coming out of COVID-19?
  • Will standards change?
  • How can I reduce my fixed costs?
  • Where can I find good candidates to help run my operations?

These are just a few of the questions raised by AAHOA Members.

AAHOA continues to stay connected with brands on a regular basis, sharing your feedback and advocating on behalf of our members. We continue to engage in conversations on challenging topics and provide feedback on what AAHOA Members are experiencing every day. This open dialogue is crucial as brands begin to imagine new frameworks and pilot ideas on what that new hotel business model in a post-pandemic world may look like. We strive to fulfill our vision of becoming the foremost resource and advocate for America’s hotel owners. In AAHOA’s Strategic Plan, you will see franchise relations is poised to continue its role as a primary focus for the association. We will be subject-matter experts, provide more education on franchise relations, strengthen advocacy on collective interests for hoteliers with their brands, and be a known resource for owners and for brands.

As we make our way past the pandemic, we know there will be changes. Changes in business, changes in politics, and changes in the way we look at things in general. As changes are being made and thoughts come to fruition, know that AAHOA has a seat at the table with those organizations impacting our members, and we will remain there.

Our commitment to AAHOA Members and franchise relations remains strong. Franchise relations are an important and deliberate part of our Strategic Plan, and our commitment is unwavering. Our success is best achieved when we are united. As always, we encourage your feedback, ideas, and solutions. Your input is crucial to building tomorrow’s industry, so please remain active within this great association.

Michael Forrest is AAHOA’s Vice President of Franchise Relations. You can reach him at [email protected].


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