Stronger now than ever before


Friends and fellow AAHOA Members: serving as the Chairman of this great association has been the honor of a lifetime. When I first joined AAHOA in 2003, I encountered a growing group of passionate hoteliers bound together by a collective vision of AAHOA’s boundless potential. Throughout its history, AAHOA has had a strong sense of community − one that unites 20,000 members across the country in pursuit of prosperity, charity, and hospitality. Our strong sense of community is the foundation of the association’s past and the driving force of its future.

AAHOA has a rich history within the hospitality industry. Our new mission statement − to be the foremost resource and advocate for America’s hotel owners – drives us to innovate our services and operations. This mission statement is the essence of the AAHOA 2021-2023 Strategic Plan. In the next three years, AAHOA will serve our members as the foremost source for hotel industry education and information, advancing hoteliers’ business interests through advocacy, being the primary resource for connecting the industry, and attracting, retaining, and developing top talent to the Association. It is an ambitious yet worthy endeavor. I’m proud to have been at the helm of the Association when we announced the strategic plan in January, and I believe that our mission and vision will be realized on the foundations we have laid.

As we look to the future and envision the heights AAHOA can ascend, we will often revisit the events of the past year as reminders of our strength and resilience. The pandemic upended our industry unlike any crisis before it, and AAHOA Members rallied together to confront challenges in their businesses and communities. Hoteliers gave out free meals, distributed vital PPE, and even now continue to fundraise for causes both at home and abroad. AAHOA was called upon to lead the industry in trying times, and we demonstrated what we are capable of. We showed the world that we are AAHOASTRONG.

The spirit of the AAHOA community embodies the best of our past and makes us stronger for the future. Today and every day you are a part of AAHOA, I encourage you all to engage with one another, lift each other up, and drive the innovations needed on the road to recovery. The work we do is not possible without the time and energy many pour into the Association. I extend my sincere gratitude to the AAHOA Board of Directors, the past AAHOA Chairs, our Ambassadors, Committee members, our Industry Partners, and the countless others who make AAHOA what it is today. As I conclude my term as AAHOA Chairman, I know that we are in very good hands. Vinay Patel will excel as the new Chair, and I wish him utmost success.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve this great association.


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