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How one AAHOA Member is giving back to the community and looking out for those less fortunate

When tragedy struck the Patel family a decade ago, the San Diego community unexpectedly gained a sense of hope through one man’s legacy. Beloved father and dedicated community member Navinbhai Patel was well-known for being a catalyst behind successful charitable projects. And before his passing in 2011, he left behind a final project, Charity for Hope, that would go on to help many communities in need.

It wasn’t until after he passed that his family and friends discovered he was in the process of creating the nonprofit. Patel’s son-in-law and AAHOA Member Vipul Dayal took it upon himself to continue the project and establish Charity for Hope. The nonprofit continues to honor Navinbhai Patel’s memory by supporting various communities through providing financial aid, food supplies, medicines, medical equipment, and more.

Charity for Hope is a multipurpose nonprofit whose goal is to support communities by aiding existing nonprofit charitable organizations. Its mission is to assist those in need, providing a service for several nonprofits by collecting, sending, and distributing financial aid. The organization and its devoted team members work together to build homes, and support orphanages, hospitals, and disaster-relief foundations, while providing educational funds for the less advantaged.

The organization also sends food, supplies, clothes, books, medicines, and medical equipment to assist the ill and economically deprived. Various organizations have received donations, including the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Rady’s Children Hospital, Asian American Sports Club of San Diego, Big Brother & Big Sisters of San Diego, Leuva Patidar Samaj of USA, and Eye Camp in India. As the organization grows rapidly, its passion for service continues to spread internationally.

Dayal dedicated his time and worked tirelessly to honor his father-in-law’s legacy. After years of extensive participation and leadership in various nonprofits, Dayal decided to make a life-changing decision and follow his calling to complete his father-in-law’s final project; he completed Charity for Hope in 2011.

“This organization is very, very close to my heart,” Dayal said. “Being able to continue my father-in-law’s vision and legacy has been extremely humbling and such a wonderful experience for myself and our team at Charity for Hope.”

Dayal continues his work as the Charity for Hope executive director, where he oversees the charity’s day-to-day operations, including, but not limited to, marketing, sales, financials, and compliance. With Dayal’s expertise and leadership skills, the organization can fulfill its purpose of changing communities and its members’ lives for the better.

In addition to Charity for Hope’s donations to underprivileged communities, they also are launching a virtual training program designed to provide tools and resources for aspiring community leaders, the Prafulaben and Navinbhai Leadership Program, with Dayal leading the leadership program. He has always encouraged others to lead a life of leadership and will push young leaders to their highest potential.

The program integrates three core training modules: engagement, motivation, and accountability. The three-month program introduces a variety of coaching outcomes, strategies, techniques, and more to help empower attendees as a change agent and leader.

Along with local professional leadership coach Jeff Klubeck, Dayal will meet with program students via Zoom to hold a discussion panel and a Q&A to aid the future leaders of our communities. They also will commit time throughout the program for one-on-one role play and leadership exercises each month.

Dayal strongly encourages young people to begin taking leadership roles early on and enroll in this program. “I have gone through the training and I know it works,” Dayal said. “I look forward to seeing the impact this program has on our future leaders and I’m very grateful to be able to provide this opportunity.” When the attendees decide to enroll in the program, they will be benefiting not only themselves, but the proceeds from the program will benefit Charity for Hope and its mission of aiding existing nonprofit charitable organizations.

Charity for Hope carries the legacy of a man who was dedicated to making a difference in many lives. “If my father-in-law could see the organization today, I would hope that he would be proud of all the things Charity for Hope has done to make a difference in people’s lives,” Dayal said. “We are carrying out his mission and evolving leaders within our industry and our community to become the best they possibly could be.”

The organization works with many nonprofit organizations to distribute aid and supplies to economically deprived regions. Its team members are pushing to build a future with strong community leaders and guiding young adults to become leaders like Navinbhai Patel.


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