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Utilizing new technologies can help a hotel’s bottom line

Technology has impacted all aspects of our personal lives and continues to be at the forefront of the hospitality industry. Historically, hotels have leveraged technology to improve the experience for guests and associates alike, also while providing a tangible impact to the bottom line.

We live in an exciting time with new products being introduced across a broad spectrum of our entire business model. In the past, hotels offered goods and services, including technology, that were above and beyond what the consumer would enjoy in their homes. However, today’s consumer has an abundance of technology available at their fingertips in everyday life.

So, how can hotels leverage technology that is tangible and improves their experience? How can that technology not only provide a memorable experience for the guests but provide an ROI to ownership?

Noble House Hotels & Resorts takes a strategic approach to the company’s overall technology plan. Like many of us in the hospitality industry, Noble House is inundated with sales requests for the latest and greatest product in every discipline that will change how the company operates. But Noble House has found success by vetting partners that balance cutting edge with quantifiable benefits that are not only well received but also provide a simple and seamless user experience.

This may seem like a common-sense approach, but there are many operating in this space taking a vastly different, and far less prudent, approach.

In this fast-paced and ever-changing environment, it’s important to keep up to date not only on what may be next on the horizon but also what may not be as heavily utilized. A few years ago, it became very evident that “app fatigue” was a real threat to developing an app due to over-saturation. Just giving your customer an app clearly was not good enough. There had to be a benefit to downloading the app and keeping the app on your phone. While pre-stay and during-stay content is beneficial, having loyalty points, rewards programs, selective offers, and exclusive benefits to your app community will keep that application active long term.

Technology can be one of the mainstays of your brand, but it can frustrate the intended end user if not executed properly. As our industry continues to rebound from the pandemic and staffing crisis, embracing the efficiencies that technology can bring is paramount. Noble House’s analytic and scheduling tools assisted the team greatly in managing through shortfalls in occupancy as well as staffing throughout the pandemic and have been critical to the company’s success in bottom line financial goals.

While there is nothing that can replace a genuine smile and helping hand, the future of technology in hospitality is here and both can coexist in a manner that benefits everyone.

TECH 101

The most important pillars in Noble House’s technology stack are security, simplicity, effective training and roll-out processes, long-term effectiveness, and equal benefits to its guests, associates, and owners. This should be the baseline for hotel’s looking to integrate technology, and here are three specific areas that can be implemented by other hotels:


  • Mobile app and contactless check-in
  • SMS messaging and marketing pre-stay, during stay, post-stay
  • In-room casting from personal devices
  • Experiential programming and booking engine for activities


  • Cloud-based work-order systems
  • Automated housekeeping modules
  • Review management software


  • Accounting and analytics software
  • Schedule-management tools
  • Utility-management software

These are just some of the initiatives Noble House has rolled out during the past few years, as the vision is to implement a balanced approach as the team’s technological positioning evolves.

jason moll

Jason Moll is vice president of rooms & technology at Noble House Hotels & Resorts. He provides Noble House’s properties with expertise across a broad spectrum of experience, ranging from hotel operations, development and construction, condo and HOA programs, private club management, and technology initiatives. In addition to implementing all brand standards across the portfolio, Jason spends a great deal of time on network security and global leadership of the IT department, and he actively works with property teams on budgets and forecasts, and provides hands-on support in many aspects of the hotel operation.


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