AAHOA announces release of its updated 12 Points of Fair Franchising


ATLANTA, Ga., Apr. 1 – Today, AAHOA announced that it has released its updated 12 Points of Fair Franchising in the form of a new resource guide for AAHOA Member-Franchisees, “An Educational Primer: A Best-Practice Approach to Designing, Developing, and Implementing Best-in-class, Mutually Beneficial Franchise Systems.”

AAHOA’s revised 12 Points of Fair Franchising continue our mission and commitment to educating AAHOA Members, helping to fulfill our vision to be the foremost advocate and resource for America’s hotel owners. Ultimately, the updated 12 Points reflect the current business landscape and the long-term, mutually beneficial relationship between industry Franchisors and Franchisees.

“Because of the changing business environment post-COVID-19 and the ever-evolving need to educate our members, it was time for AAHOA to revisit the 12 Points and review them carefully to ensure that they’re relevant and reflective of industry changes and evolution,” AAHOA Chair Vinay Patel said.

Released via a new landing page on AAHOA.com (AAHOA.com/12Points) and a new Resource Guide created specifically for AAHOA Member-Franchisees, AAHOA’s updated 12 Points serve as an educational primer for hospitality Franchisors and AAHOA Members (current and future hospitality Franchisees) to discuss and use to continue designing, developing, and implementing best-in-class, mutually beneficial franchise systems.

“In order to fulfill this mission, AAHOA created the 12 Points of Fair Franchising Ad Hoc Committee, which was tasked with recommending revisions to the 12 Points of Fair Franchising,” Patel said. “And I’m pleased to announce today that, with the help, support, and input of the 12 Points of Fair Franchising Ad Hoc Committee and the AAHOA Board of Directors, we’re releasing the updated 12 Points of Fair Franchising.”

AAHOA recognizes that brands are our business partners and through the update of the 12 Points of Fair Franchising, AAHOA aims to continue the open dialogue, collaboration, and mutual understanding of franchise best practices.

The revised 12 Points can also be used by Franchisors to better understand the needs of their industry partners and Franchisees.

“I recommend every AAHOA Member-Franchisee review the 12 Points in their entirety to familiarize themselves with the content and best practices for fruitful Franchisee-Franchisor relationships and to better understand the provisions in franchise agreements,” Patel said.


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