The detour is the destination


I never planned to become an attorney. I had aspirations of becoming a reporter and anchor in one of the top TV news markets, such as New York, Los Angeles, or Chicago.

I interned at a local station in Chicago while I was in college and saw firsthand how these journalists were covering hard news stories that were helping and making an impact on people in the communities they served. It made a lasting impression on me, and I decided to go to law school to become a legal or justice correspondent.

During my law school years, I had an opportunity to work as a summer associate for several national and medium-size law firms and fell in love with the law, especially civil litigation and trial work.

While the practice of law can be very demanding, it’s extremely rewarding to serve clients and help them find justice and fairness in their business transactions and related disputes.

As the ancient proverb says, “Clothe yourself with strength and dignity, so you can laugh at the days to come.” That’s a lot, but it will give your life meaning and purpose, and you will never regret the choices you have made.

Fast forward 25 years, and here I am.

With AAHOA’s upgraded 12 Points of Fair Franchising and the future of franchising in general, I’m excited to return to AAHOA and open the dialogue with the leading franchisors for the benefit of our members, the brands, and all franchise systems.

I’m excited to follow the lead of our members in building and expanding on the influence of this great association to have a lasting impact for years to come.

During my first six months to a year in my new role, I’d like to help lead AAHOA as it relaunches its operational mission and advances to achieve its goals, with guidance and strategic direction from the AAHOA Board of Directors, Committee Members, and Ambassadors.

This includes rebuilding the AAHOA team, taking advantage of the great dynamic talent we have, refocusing our tactical priorities, working through an incredible Regionals season, and continuing AAHOA’s efforts.

Before I even officially started in my new role as president and CEO at AAHOA, I testified during a hearing on a fair franchising bill in New Jersey. Several AAHOA Members shared their personal experiences related to provisions of the bill during the hearing. This team effort, and AAHOA Members’ sharing their testimonies, is truly what made an impact. In the end, the committee passed the bill. To learn more, see page 11.

As an attorney, I’m always honored to represent my clients and am most proud when I can truly make a difference for them. As AAHOA’s newest president and CEO, it’s an honor to represent the members, and this is just the start of the difference I plan on making for you.


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