AAHOA Lifetime Members start a charity to help cancer patients in Georgia


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tina and parimal patel

AAHOA Lifetime Members Tina and Parimal Patel

Hoteliers make it their business to prioritize the needs of their hotel guests. AAHOA Lifetime Members Tina and Parimal Patel know that helping people feel special and cared for doesn’t start or end with five-star room service. Parimal leads a career in hotel investments, and Tina empowers and supports people through her nursing job. This husband-and-wife team leveraged their expertise in the hospitality and medical fields to start a charity, helping cancer patients and their families.

It all started when Tina was 23 years old. At that time, she worked as a nurse at the Aflac Cancer and Blood Disorders Center of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, one of the largest pediatric cancer centers in the country. Children from Georgia and across the country come to Aflac Cancer and Blood Disorders Center seeking treatment to fight and beat cancer, which requires medical, financial, and love and emotional support to overcome.

Unfortunately, some parents are unable to travel and stay in Atlanta for the duration of their child’s medical care, and Tina saw firsthand how some of her young patients braved cancer treatments alone at the pediatric cancer center. Those heartbreaking situations led Tina, with the support of her husband, Parimal, to start a nonprofit called Share the Love in 2018 with the goal of helping ease the financial strain experienced by family members cancer patients in georgiawith children at the cancer center. The nonprofit raises money to cover travel expenses, hotel accommodations, meals, financial assistance for patient prescriptions, and social services for cancer patients and their families.

Share the Love has garnered significant sponsorship support from businesses and community members, including AAHOA Members from the metro-Atlanta area.


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