Betting on the future

When I became AAHOA Chairman, addressing the top industry challenges was a key component of my strategic plan. These challenges directly impact the customer experience in several ways.

Some of those challenges are brands and franchising, industry disruptors, costs, and regulations. Surprisingly, each one impacts the guest experience.

  • Brands and franchising: By addressing the proliferation of brands and advocating for each brand to maintain a clear identity and value proposition, customers are less likely to be confused, can make more informed choices, and brand recognition and loyalty improve.
  • Prioritizing NOI: AAHOA is committed to helping our members improve their bottom line. Prioritizing owner profits can lead to improved investment in properties, resulting in better-maintained facilities and higher service standards for guests.
  • Reducing costs: What if we could determine a way to streamline the booking process and reduce costs associated with online travel agencies? This would result in more competitive pricing for customers and a smoother booking experience.
  • Advocacy: One of AAHOA’s top priorities is advocacy. We’re committed to addressing regulatory concerns around short-term rentals at the highest levels of government and transparency in fees to protect consumers with AAHOA’s support of the No Hidden FEES Act.
  • Technology: Embracing AI and partnering with tech companies can lead to personalized guest experiences, from AI-driven recommendations to seamless check-in processes.
  • Regulations: AAHOA stays up to date on rules and regulations to keep you informed. Implementing stringent health and safety measures ensures peace of mind for customers. Also, meeting safety standards, such as ADA requirements, ensures all guests can enjoy a comfortable and accessible stay. And finally, ensuring compliance with payment security standards builds trust with customers, assuring them their financial data is protected.
  • Workforce: Labor shortages continue to persist. Investing in recruitment, retention, and career-development programs can increase employee satisfaction, translating into better customer service and guest loyalty.


When we come together to address industry challenges, it can affect every corner of our industry. As hoteliers, it’s our primary responsibility to ensure the guest experience is always the top priority. Without guests, there would be no hotels. And without hotels, there would be no owners.

When we address our challenges and Build a Better Tomorrow Today, we ultimately strengthen the industry and increase the satisfaction and loyalty of our guests.


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