founder to launch Hotelbids in December

0 founder takes the challenge in a crowded space and dares to connect customers to hotels directly thru hotel and customer centric platform.

Orange, CA. Hotelbids, Inc. recently launched its long-awaited app in India. The app is the brainchild of Inder Sharma, who founded in 1996. Being connected with the hospitality industry for over 20 years, he realized the customers are not getting what they deserve. Space is crowded with hundreds of online travel agencies (OTAs), which all claim the best deals, whereas the difference in pricing is just a few dollars. Globally, every night, approximately 1.7 million rooms go empty. This gap created a need for a platform that is customer-centric as well hotel-centric to fill the rooms. Hotelbids was born in early 2015, and after 10 months of development, beta was launched in India with 1,700 hotels in 63 cities.

Hotelbids is a one-click online platform where customers select city, dates, rooms and the price he/she wants to pay. Once a customer clicks, his request is broadcasted to all hotels in the Hotelbids network. Hotels respond by accepting the offer.

Now all customers have to do is review the location, reviews, pictures and other information, select the best hotel and pay. The hotel will receive the acceptance from the customer and he will enter his confirmation number and completes the process. The process is very simple and transparent. The customer gets what he wants, and the hotel gets customers to fill empty rooms.

Both hotels and customers are winners at Hotelbids. “Stay@your Price” is the tagline, which fits what Hotelbids does.

The U.S. launch is expected in December 2016.

Hotelbids, Inc. is based in Los Angeles (USA) with a development and marketing office in Gurugram (India). The company was founded by serial entrepreneur Inder Sharma. Sharma has founded over 13 companies including The company is funded by hospitality professionals from the U.S. and is also a valued member of AAHOA (Asian American Hotel Owners Association) whose members own nearly half of the hotels in the United States.


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