Business health matters


Bhavesh Patel
AAHOA Chairman (2017-2018)

The Hotel ROI conference series offers industry leaders a financial wellness check.


Like the human body, if not cared for properly, a business cannot thrive. Businesses need regular wellness checks, resources to flourish, and skilled, expert advice on how to improve and advance their state of well-being.

Hotel ROI, a one-day, seven-city conference series, designed to give business leaders who are invested in the hotel and hospitality industry insight into how to maximize revenue and minimize costs, is just what the doctor ordered.

Using the analogy of the human body, if just a few things are off, the business may do OK for a while without a checkup. Over time however, you may run the risk of damaging more critical components. Going to Hotel ROI is like taking the steps needed to boost your health and avoid illness.

During the Hotel ROI series, hotel owners, asset managers, financiers, brands and others are invited to learn from industry experts – the hotel doctors – strategies that can help improve the health of their businesses while avoiding those pitfalls that can cause venture upset.

Most of the Hotel ROI panels and education sessions are moderated by local industry experts who can offer insider facts and figures specific to that area’s local market – invaluable information for small business owners who are trying to beat the competition.

To give you an even better idea of what to expect, here’s a quick list of topics to be discussed:

  • Brokerage transactions and the current relationship between buyers and sellers
  • How to increase profitable revenue using a multifaceted approach
  • Labor issues including wage/hour class actions and union/management relations
  • Minimizing costs from every angle
  • Where to look for the next big deal and where to build next
  • Exit strategies

Plus, there are at least five breakout sessions during each Hotel ROI event for attendees to mingle and chat with local developers, investors, owners, expert consultants and others – any of whom could lead you to your next big project or take what you have currently to the next level.

The next Hotel ROI will take place in Pittsburgh at the Wyndham Grand Pittsburgh Downtown on Sept. 14. Three more will follow: Atlanta (Sept. 27); Baltimore (Oct. 6); and Charlotte (Oct. 11).

The Pittsburgh stop is fourth in the seven-city tour – and for good reason. Visitor spending in Pittsburgh and Allegheny County amounted to $7.8 billion in 2014, and an estimated 3.9 million people currently visit each year.

Plus, the city’s diverse investment sources make it an attractive location for industry newcomers and veterans, in part, because the city’s market potential is only partially realized.

And that’s just Pittsburgh.

Keep the cold at bay; take advantage of this opportunity to capitalize on excellent business health today.


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