AAHOA Statement on State of the Union Address


AAHOA Interim President and CEO Rachel Humphrey issued the following statement in response to President Trump’s State of the Union address: “The State of the Union address presents a unique opportunity to showcase the nation’s achievements and a pathway to overcome the obstacles we still face. With a strong economy, full employment, lower taxes, and a new Congress committed to strengthening our institutions, Americans have much about which to be optimistic. However, obstacles remain. The recent partial government shutdown is a reminder that we need all our elected officials to work together to address the real issues affecting out nation. The travel industry lost an estimated $100 million for every day the government was shut down – hoteliers, small business owners, and our nation simply cannot afford broken government that refuses to do its job. In just a few weeks, America’s hoteliers will visit their elected officials in Congress and share with them their stories of small business success and educate them on the issues that matter most to our industry. We are heartened by President Trump’s words tonight, but we remain wary of the potential for continued divisions between the president and the congress and their negative impacts on our economy.”


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