Deploy the power of marketing


We operate, as never before, in a hospitality industry driven by digital technologies. Hotels compete in a digital marketplaces flush with short-term rentals, online travel agencies, and of course, other hotels. As hoteliers, we are no strangers to healthy competition. Certainly, competition encourages innovation. Our prospects for a full recovery from the ongoing pandemic during the next five years depend on the adoption of industry best practices and utilization of digital technologies.

In this competitive landscape, hoteliers must be adept at deploying the power of marketing. Marketing and communications are key to creating efficient internal operations and impactful public engagement. Effective communications in the back of house ensure not only that hotel staff have a culture of collaboration but also the applicable resources and channels to navigate the workplace and execute responsibilities. This has become even more critical during the pandemic. Hotel teams must be up to date on the latest state and local public health guidelines, sanitation protocols, and company policies.

The technologies and methods of communication are numerous and quite varied. Internet tools, social media, cloud storage, and data analytics software form a suite of digitized hotel technology. Indeed, this array of technologies can pose challenges to hoteliers looking to capitalize on its many benefits. The upfront cost alone is reason enough to neglect the latest rollout of cutting-edge tech. Work with what is accessible and get creative. Hoteliers don’t just sell rooms, we provide a full hospitality experience. The guest experience starts online, so meet customers where they are. A strategic digital marketing plan is a great tool for engaging with customers online, from booking to checkout.

AAHOA is, and will continue to be, the foremost resource and advocate for America’s hotel owners. This issue of Today’s Hotelier features industry-leading experts writing on the marketing topics, trends, and strategies relevant to the guest experience, labor market, health and safety protocols, and much more. AAHOA is proud to collaborate with these experts to shine a light on the latest news, advice, and resources relevant to America’s hoteliers.

Even as we acknowledge the early signs of recovery in the hospitality industry shown during the summer, we can expect a downward shift in demand on the horizon because of the rapidly spreading COVID-19 Delta variant. Attempting to predict the future and jump ahead of budding trends may at times seem futile, especially in an age of unparalleled uncertainty. However, the data, processes, and practices we use today can better prepare us to realize our full potential tomorrow. We look forward to the contributions of every AAHOA Member to ensure the success of our future endeavors.


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