How do you measure success?


The COVID-19 pandemic put a wrench in all of our plans, and the hotel industry was hit especially hard. Business travel and tourism decreased dramatically. The cost of labor started rising, and hiring and maintaining employees became a struggle. The cost of PPE and other safety equipment had business owners scrambling to restructure their budgets.

As we close out 2021 and reflect on the past year, we also can point out some wins, and light at the end of the tunnel, for our industry. One such win was the Small Business Administration approving billions of investment dollars for small businesses.

Despite all the setbacks, the pandemic also forced us to take a hard look in the mirror and helped us do some soul searching. Some people left the only industry they’ve ever known. Some people thought, “Well, I have nothing to lose,” and tried something new. Some lost everything. Many had to pivot.

So, how do you measure success?

Perhaps it was how much money you made or your business’s profitability. Perhaps it was being able to spend more time with loved ones, having a strong work-life balance. For some, maybe it was based on achievements or how you spent your time.

The reality is, most of us probably changed how we measure success when we had to adjust nearly every part of our lives due to the pandemic. For some, success became simply making ends meet, putting food on the table, or learning to do things virtually.

It’s the time of year when many people make New Year’s resolutions. 2022 is a new year and a new opportunity. We are leaving 2021 behind and have high expectations and hopes for the future.

Since starting at AAHOA, one of my top goals was ensuring that we were helping you, our members, and millions of Americans in the hotel industry, who depend on our legislative advocacy efforts and leadership. My vision for AAHOA’s future, and my vision for 2022, includes doubling down on our advocacy work.

AAHOA’s Oxford Economics study quantified our impact on the industry. While we always measure our success on how we’re serving our members, this data helps us visualize how far AAHOA’s reach truly is.

AAHOA is here for you and will continue to be in the future. We want to help you measure your success, but more importantly, we want to help you be successful, in whatever way that looks like for you.

Happy New Year, and cheers to your next successes.


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