AAHOA statement on Los Angeles City Council hearing hotel land use and replacement housing requirements ordinance


ATLANTA, Ga., Aug. 5 – AAHOA, the nation’s largest hotel owners association, commends the Los Angeles City Council’s vote on the controversial land use ordinance.

The ordinance, “Hotel Land Use and Replacement Housing Requirements,” requires hotels to allocate vacant rooms to city residents experiencing homelessness. Unfortunately, placing unsheltered individuals next to paying guests will not solve the city’s rampant homeless issue but rather place the immense burden of this devastating, pervasive crisis on the doorstep of the hotel industry. This creates serious safety concerns for guests, housekeepers, and all hotel staff. Hotels and their employees do not have the proper social worker training nor are they equipped to provide the necessary services to unsheltered individuals.

Additionally, the ordinance institutes damaging development requirements and other fees for new hotel developments. The ordinance would greatly impact the extended-stay market and hotels – including the mom-and-pop lodging establishments that prop up the city’s hospitality market.

Following the City Council’s 12-to-0 vote today, the land use ordinance will be placed on the ballot of the next regular city election. AAHOA will remain active and engaged on this issue to protect the safety of hotel staff and the betterment of the Los Angeles travel and tourism industry.

“The safety of our members, hotel guests, and hotel staff is our number one priority,” said AAHOA President & CEO Laura Lee Blake. “AAHOA applauds the Los Angeles City Council for the resounding vote on the mandate that would require hotels to house unsheltered individuals next to paying guests, as it would have created serious, immediate safety concerns.”

“The impact of a unified AAHOA voice is a force to be reckoned with,” said AAHOA Chairman Neal Patel. “ There was an overwhelming response of AAHOA Members – approximately 125 hotel owners and staff – who showed up to the hearing to make their voices heard. Many members were required to stand outside because there was no space left in the hearing room.”

AAHOA applauds Los Angeles City Council’s decision, and thanks everyone who stood up and used their voice to make it known that this ordinance would have a detrimental impact not only on hotel owners but on paying hotel guests.

AAHOA will continue to back the best interests of our members, hotel guests, and hotel staff, and we will always speak out against mandates that threaten their safety.



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