The future is now


It’s no secret that technology can enhance the guest experience in hotels. As hoteliers, we’re always trying to improve the guest experience and, with the right technology, we’re able to streamline many processes while running a successful hotel.

Labor shortages are a huge problem across many industries, and enabling automation helps make running a business easier, without compromising customers’ experiences during these difficult times.

On top of this, we’re able to cut costs and maintain, or even increase, revenue – helping our bottom line while keeping our customers satisfied and coming back.

I foresee a fully contactless check-in process across the board in the near future, and simple transactions also will become a fully automated process. Rooms might be cleaned with robots. Keyless check-in will become the norm.

The idea is not to replace workers but actually support them. Whether it’s the technology itself or the data we’re able to capture thanks to improved technology and connectivity, the world has changed. As entrepreneurs, it’s up to us to lead the charge.

With staffing shortages already putting more stress on the employees who are showing up each day, technology can allow those workers to focus their energy elsewhere – helping boost productivity and simplifying hotel operations.

I helped my parents at a young age with their hotel properties thanks to technology. When I look back to those days, the technology we used seems so basic now. But at the time, it was a big deal. And, it worked.

In 10 years, we’ll look back and wonder how we ever survived without the technology we’ll be using then. It is constantly changing and improving, and if we don’t evolve with the times, we will be left behind. That’s a fact.

If you’re worried that technology will take over human-to-human interaction – the heart of what the hospitality industry is all about – it’s just not true.

Think about your everyday life. How often are you on your phone, computer, watching TV, or using some other device? It’s probably a lot. People often prefer the option of using what’s at their fingertips.

In the event that guests do want to interact with a person, rather than use technology, that alternative isn’t only still available, but technology will also allow those people to be more accessible, thanks to having options.

And, the data collected by the increased use of the latest technology will allow us to run better properties, be better employers, exceed guest expectations, and become more savvy business owners.

Data is extremely valuable and we can use it to our advantage. By gathering this type of information, we can predict future trends, gain insight into our customers’ behaviors and habits, identify areas of improvement, and assist us when it comes to exploring future opportunities.

All of this together will only help improve business outcomes.

Having certain technology available at your hotels, or any business, isn’t only becoming essential but, eventually, it will become a requisite for many guests when determining where to spend their money.


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