Lowering your overhead and maximizing revenue


Maximizing profits in today’s marketplace is always a key concern, and many hoteliers are focused on strategies to gain efficiencies, grow revenue, and increase profits.

Whether you want to learn more about loan programs available today to finance hospitality and other types of commercial properties, find value-add properties before they are listed for sale, take advantage of private equity partnerships for investment opportunities, accounting and tax strategies that save money, access hotel management best practices that increase occupancy and revenue, or receive important industry updates from top franchises and industry leaders, one of AAHOA’s main goals is to help hotel owners realize their profitability potential and grow their portfolios.

AAHOA provides educational offerings, hotelier resources, along with ample opportunities to network with hotel owners, hospitality lenders, key executives from various brands, and a host of other industry experts and partners.

As the voice of America’s hotel owners, AAHOA constantly is working to bring solutions that make a difference to maximize revenue for all hoteliers.

In 2022, AAHOA leaders led fair franchising efforts, welcomed more than 4,000 hoteliers to the 2022 Regional Conferences & Trade Shows, hosted a successful Fall National Advocacy Conference where AAHOA leaders secured face time with key members of Congress, launched the HerOwnership initiative, which promoted women hoteliers owning their own properties, raised nearly $334,000 for 18 charities across the U.S., and so much more.

Times are different from when first- and second-generation hoteliers got their start in hospitality. What goes on at the local, state, and federal level directly affects hotel businesses and their bottom line. As the voice of America’s hotel owners, AAHOA constantly is working to bring solutions that make a difference to maximize revenue for all hoteliers.

Last year, AAHOA revived the discussion on franchising with the release of AAHOA’s updated 12 Points of Fair Franchising, along with the 12 Points Educational Webinar Series. The franchising business model is predominant in the hotel industry, and many AAHOA Members operate franchised properties under large hotel brands. AAHOA is leading the charge to make positive improvements to the franchising business model, bringing more equity and choice back into the hands of hoteliers so they can make the managerial and operational choices best for their business.

AAHOA has so much planned for the remainder of 2023, including the Spring National Advocacy Conference, the Fall National Advocacy Conference, dozens of regionals and trade shows, charity golf tournaments, and, of course, our flagship event, AAHOACON23, and much more.

The hard work is just beginning for this great association to continue advocating for and being a resource to America’s hotel owners.


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