AAHOA Welcomes Neera Tanden as White House Domestic Policy Adviser


ATLANTA, Ga., May 5 – The Asian American Hotel Owners Association (AAHOA), which represents the majority of U.S. hotel owners, welcomed Neera Tanden, current Staff Secretary and Senior Advisor to President Joe Biden, as Domestic Policy Advisor, effective May 26.

Upon taking control of the position, Tanden will be one of the highest ranked Indian Americans in government . Tanden will be the first Asian-American to lead any of the three major White House policy councils in history.

Her portfolio will include economic mobility, immigration, and fostering a climate favorable to entrepreneurship – all key priorities for AAHOA’s 20,000 Members. As the largest hotel owners’ association in the world, AAHOA represents more than 34,000 Member-owned hotels with more than 1 million employees, who collectively earn $47 billion annually.

“We are proud to see the daughter of Indian immigrants ascend to the highest echelons of the United States government,” said AAHOA Chairman Bharat Patel. “Many of our Members and hoteliers are first- and second- generation Americans themselves, and it is empowering to see such representation. People are policy, and we welcome the perspective of an Indian American advising President Biden on such important matters. This appointment of someone who relied on the programs she will oversee is vital.”

Added AAHOA President and CEO Laura Lee Blake: “The selection of Neera Tanden to serve as Domestic Policy Advisor is a victory for the representation of women and Indian Americans in leadership positions. We look forward to working with the Biden Administration on advocating for the hospitality industry and the small-business owners who compose our membership.”


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