The power of business leisure travel


Maximizing productivity and well-being


Picture this: You’re a hard-working executive and have just wrapped up an exhaustive series of meetings. But, instead of retreating to your room, you head to the hotel spa, where you can relax in tranquillity. This is the epitome of bleisure travel – a sophisticated fusion of business and leisure travel. In the past, bleisure was a niche trend that confined travelers to drab rooms with just one computer, cut off from the rest of the hotel. Nonetheless, with the rise of remote work, bleisure has exploded in popularity. Today, these guests desire an all-in-one travel experience that not only delivers sufficient workspace but also allows them to fully engage with the surrounding area.

To attract the bleisure traveler, forward-thinking hotel owners will want to ensure their hotels’ design caters to the unique needs of these modern nomads. Providing versatile workspaces is essential. Consider creating collaborative co-working areas, private meeting rooms, and in-room workstations. It’s equally critical to create inviting and tranquil spaces for guests to recharge and unwind. From revitalizing spa facilities to local experiences and serene outdoor areas, your hotel should be the perfect place to unwind after a long day.

Hotels will have to do more than increase their Wi-Fi bandwidth to keep up with this trend. Following these design tips can entice a new group of guests to your hotel.

Virtual meetings has emerged as an indispensable tool for businesses worldwide. Hotel owners now have an incredible opportunity to capitalize on this trend by creating captivating and visually stunning backgrounds that showcase their properties.

When crafting these backgrounds, simplicity is key to capturing attention effectively. Avoid overwhelming viewers with excessive graphics that can distract from the meeting’s content. Instead, opt for sleek and minimalist designs that exude a sense of professionalism, but still allow your hotel’s distinct personality to shine through. A dark, dingy lobby won’t suffice. Instead, maximize sunlight or use stunning lighting fixtures like a modern lamp to enhance the space. Remember, less is more. Maintain a clean and uncluttered backdrop and design the space with calming colors and natural materials such as light wood, marble, and greenery.

When catering to the needs of all bleisure travelers, it’s crucial to establish a versatile seating arrangement. A variety of seating options, including stylish lounge chairs for collaborative work and socializing and to cozy nooks for focused work, are key. Comfortable working spaces should seamlessly transition from a serene environment during the day to a vibrant hub of entertainment after work hours. Modular seating presents an excellent solution to achieve this dynamic transformation.

Alternatively, opt for comfortable outdoor seating that can transform into al fresco dining areas. A sleet cabana set can offers seating beyond the standard ergonomic office chair, enabling guests to take in the outdoor elements whilst working.

In the realm of bleisure travel, technology reigns supreme. To captivate the hearts of tech-savvy travelers and ensure their connectivity, it’s paramount to offer more than just basic amenities.

Embrace the power of high-speed internet access. A lightning-fast connection is the lifeblood of productivity and connectivity for today’s travelers. Provide Wi-Fi throughout your hotel, allowing guests to effortlessly connect their devices and stay connected for both work and leisure. Balance practicality and design – an abundance of charging stations is essential to entice guests to spend extended periods in your co-working space. After all, nothing is more disheartening than experiencing a laptop battery dying during a crucial conference call.

A trend that’s closely intertwined with the bleisure trend is the rise of boutique-style hotels, offering a genuine sense of place and personalized experiences. The fusion of bleisure and authentic hotel encounters is essential as business and leisure guests alike yearn to immerse themselves in the local culture and embrace the unique ambience of their destination, even while on a business trip.

When it comes to design, collaborating with talented local artists provides an opportunity to infuse the spirit of the community into the very fabric of your hotel. Let the destination itself become the driving force behind your hotel’s design, ensuring a seamless transition from the external environment to the interior spaces. For instance, in a mountainous region, incorporating natural stone elements into your design can evoke a strong sense of place. For tropical destinations, embracing biophilic design principles allows guests to feel intimately connected with the lush surroundings.

Ako Ardalan is a CEO with a background in finance and engineering. He began his career as an investment banker at Goldman Sachs in Sydney before founding Unalome Interior. Ako’s leadership has enabled the company to achieve remarkable growth and success, expanding its supply chain in Indonesia and navigating import regulations to reach customers worldwide. Additionally, Ako has prioritized labor fairness and improved working conditions for employees by repurposing and reinvigorating factories. Ako’s passion for golf and surfing is evident in his approach to both work and play. He is a skilled leader with exceptional strategic thinking and an entrepreneurial mindset.


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