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Build your property’s identity with the right tools for the job

Through adequate planning and creative deployment, marketing can play a crucial role in establishing a hotel’s brand identity, reaching its target audience, and allowing a property to stand out in a competitive market. However, for small businesses, limited financial resources pose a challenge when it comes to investing in marketing and advertising initiatives that can drive sales growth. To overcome this obstacle, independent hoteliers can implement new strategies to make a difference in their business.

Social media marketing has transformed the way we connect with customers directly, and it provides independent properties the same tools as the brands, democratizing the process and providing a modern approach to understand customers’ travel interests. Especially for independents, it’s vital – and a bare minimum – to create a user-friendly website that highlights a property’s unique features and amenities, while also regularly sharing visually appealing content, promotions, and updates about local events or attractions on social media platforms.

Although not easy, content marketing holds great value, and it can be especially beneficial for independent properties. Sharing blog posts or articles related to travel tips, local attractions, and unique experiences in the area can yield positive results, and forming local partnerships will help strengthen ties, and your network, within a community. For example, a collaboration with restaurants, tour operators, or event organizers – offering joint promotions or package deals – can help attract visitors to the property.

It’s also valuable to build relationships through email marketing. By working with local businesses and sharing a customer base, independents can develop a loyalty program that rewards repeat guests with exclusive discounts, upgrades, or additional perks – and encouraging guests to refer friends and family can boost word-of-mouth referrals.

Ultimately, it’s important to remember trial and error play a significant role, as strategies will vary based on the area and available resources, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different approaches. By combining these tailored strategies to a property’s specific needs and target audience, independent hotels can effectively market, promote, and drive sales to their front doors.

tanmay patel

Tanmay Patel is an independent hotelier and is AAHOA’s Young Professional Director, Western Division.


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